… cause I am a FIGHTER.

Hello everyone. This is actually my first blog post (although it’s pretty obvious, isn’t it). Well, I’ve been thinking about this past few days that I had to outburst the things that I wanted to say. You know, I’ve been a lot into reading these past few days, which I pretty hate because, I wasn’t able to concentrate on my midterm exam (sorry ma L) [P.S. Reading was only ONE of the reasons]. But you know what; I didn’t it because I was able to learn a lot. From John Green’s “The Fault in Our Stars”, it taught me to become thankful and accept all the things that are happening to me. Maybe you would be wondering what are those things that’ happened. To be honest, I can’t share it to anyone. This is probably why I chose to make a blog. Another thing is that I wanted to know that someone is out there listening to me, understanding me, who can relate to me and feeling the things that I do. I am only an ordinary teenage college girl, who wanted to have a glorious future ahead of me. I am fighting (or maybe struggling) every day to impress people. I only wanted them to know my best skills which are pretty hard of course. So yeah, I am not famous and I am making this blog not be a mysterious girl in the cyberspace kind of thing which is kind of ironic because I can’t introduce myself because I can’t bear to know that my friends or family would read it and then they would face me every day. No, I am too shy to do that. I came from a family which isn’t rich and my mom is the only one working. When I was young, I was really struggling with family problems and the best thing was that I wasn’t being struck with those. You know, like being a rebel and all because of all those problems. And as a young one and the eldest, I had a huge responsibility to face. So much for that, I didn’t want to talk about it. Love life? I didn’t have those. But I am happy to have crazy friends around me. To tell you what, I wouldn’t trade those folks for the world. Having those friends wouldn’t let you ask for more, like guys who would just bring heartaches and all. For the record, I have never experienced falling deeply in love but I have crushes of course. Teenage life wouldn’t be complete without those things right? I guess that would be all about me. I wished to be called as “The Fighter”.  I am fighting the odds, to live my dreams, every day of my life because…


                        “Each passing day is a struggle to learn and be BETTER”.


AND… to all Percy Jackson fans out there, watch out for my next post. It’d about a review about the five books in series, like telling my thoughts about it and how I’d imagine Logan Lerman as Percy while reading the book and my thoughts about Percy Jackson and Annabeth Chase’s relationship. I’ll do my best not to become an annoying spoiler but either way, I think that I wouldn’t be one. I couldn’t wait for you to read my next post.